Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Are these lovely pieces of porcelain art dishwasher safe?
A: Yes, they most certainly are! The various colors are fired on in the kiln at such a high temperature, that they actually melt into the glaze, making them permanent.Q: Do some colors have to be fired hotter than others?
A: Yes. All of the gold colors (pinks, rubies, and purples) require a hotter firing. The iron colors are fired at a normal setting.Q: How many firings does it take to complete a piece?
A: It varies. Some items can be fired a single time, and others with multiple types of colors will require 4-5 firings in the kiln.Q: Do you pour your own porcelain?
A: No. I purchase the white blanks already glazed.

Q: Isn’t this an ‘old lady’s’ hobby?
A: Definately not! Many young people, including children, are wonderful china painters. There are also plenty of men who are famous for their wonderful porcelain artwork.

Q: How do you fire glass?
A: I use a pyometer so I can tell when the temperature gets to 1000 degrees. The kiln is propped open about 6″ until it reaches this temperature. I close the kiln door at this time and wait for the cone to melt over, which takes approximately 10 minutes. I then prop the kiln open about 6″ and wait for it to cool. I NEVER put in a shelf, unless it is a half shelf and there is plenty of room for circulation in between the pieces.

Q: What medium do you paint with?
A: I paint with a recipe of #30wt (non detergent) motor oil. The recipe is as follows: 1 pint of #30 wt motor oil, 1 cup of grumtine, 4 oz. copaiba of balsam.

Q: How hot do you fire?
A: When I have gold colors such as rubies, pinks, lavenders, and purples, I fire at 014. Most everything else is fired at 015 or 016.